Quality Adobe Commerce Modules

We at Magenizr know that working daily with Adobe Commerce can be frustrating if specific tools are missing. After hours of troubleshooting and building workarounds for clients, we decided to offer simple but powerful Adobe Commerce modules which will definitely speed up your process and improve your client satisfaction.

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Well-tested and implemented Adobe Commerce modules for your store. We get inspired by real-world examples of Adobe Commerce agencies, clients or customers. While developing modules we put all effort to follow PHP and Adobe Commerce coding standards ( Extension Quality Program ) and implement intuitive user interfaces.

Simple Notification

A dead simple solution to inform your customers about upcoming sales or unexpected issues on your site.

Conceal Pro

Disable all customer export features. Mask personal information such as email, phone number and address bits.

Page Not Found

Reduce the bounce rate by displaying related or random products on your 404 page.

Hide Shipping Method

Hide one or multiple shipping methods which can be limited to specific weekdays, by start and end-date or customer sessions.

Customer Log

Get an insight of customer activity ( for all customers ) as well as for individual customers.

In Cart

Get an insight on what products are currently added to carts.

Admin Branding

Create a unique Magento admin login by adding your company logo or a custom text on your backend login.

Admin User

Identify rarely used admin accounts and allow you to disable or delete them directly.


Disable all customer export features and mask personal information such as email and phone number.

Custom Shipping

Provide a custom shipping method in backend, frontend or both and schedule them automatically.

Delete Orders

Delete orders including all related information such as invoices, shipments and credit memos via backend, command-line or REST API.

Reset Ui Bookmarks

Reset filters back to default for your own admin account or other accounts.

Scope Info

This module provides you a list of changes from `core_config_data` whenever a value is overwritten in a lower scope.


Differentiate between environments by adding a custom-colored bar above the top navigation.


Save time by duplicating records such as Catalog and Cart Price Rules, CMS Pages and Blocks or Categories.

Media Gallery Folder

Add a custom folder to the Media Gallery.


Power up your Adobe Commerce store with small features for your daily routine for just as little as $19 per month. Once subscribed, you will get access to excellent support and receive regular updates.


For store owners with up to three hosts ( dev, stage and production )


  • Hosts

    Install modules on up to 3 hosts*

  • Modules

    Choose up to 2 modules

  • Support

    Response within 48 hours

  • Updates

    Receive updates on a regular bases, especially compatibility updates

  • Premium Modules


$19.00 AUD

Per Month



Ideal for small businesses with up to 10 clients.


  • Hosts

    Install modules on up to 25 hosts*

  • Modules

    Choose up to 6 modules

  • Support

    Response within 24 hours

  • Updates

    Receive updates on a regular bases, especially compatibility updates

  • Premium Modules


$69.00 AUD

Per Month


No whitelisting needed. Install as many modules as you want on *unlimited hosts.


  • Hosts

    Install modules on unlimited hosts

  • Modules

    Choose any module without restrictions

  • Support

    Response within 12 hours

  • Updates

    Be first in line and receive updates before everyone else

  • Premium Modules


$99.00 AUD

Per Month

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