Reset Ui Bookmarks

Reset filters back to default for your own admin account or other accounts.

Reset UI Bookmarks becomes an invaluable tool while working daily in the admin panel, especially on Magento® instances with a large catalogue. The regular use of grid filters, applied sorting ( e.g Sales > Orders or Catalog > Product ) or other options provided by third party integrations can cause server time-outs ( depending on the filter combinations ) and make the grid tables unusable. With Reset UI Bookmarks any admin user can reset their filters back to default without having an agency support team involved.

Business Value

Usually a technical person ( e.g developer ) is required to reset those filters back to default. This can be annoying for a client and create unnecessarily noise for a developer team. Here are the advantages of Reset UI Bookmarks.

  • A client can reset filters and column positions back to default. A developer is not required.
  • A client support team, which usually has no access to the MySQL database can fix broken grid tables without having a developer involved.
  • Practical for small businesses, which can not afford expensive agency support.


  • A red button Reset UI Bookmarks within your Account Settings page as well as on System > Permissions > All Users > {User} > User Info.
  • Once a admin user hits the button Reset UI Bookmarks, it will clear the history of state of filters, column positions or applied sorting which are stored in the MySQL table ui_bookmark.
  • Choose between the options All Bookmarks, Saved Filters Only and Keep Saved Filters
  • Select a specific namespace such as Product Listing or Customer Listing. The dropdown is generated based on namespaces stored in the ui_bookmark table.


Simply hit the button Reset UI Bookmarks to clear the bookmarks and wait for the confirmation Your UI bookmarks were cleared successfully. After that all filters and grid settings are set back to default. More details are available in the attached user guide.

System Requirements

  • Magento 2.3.x, 2.4.x
  • PHP 5.6.x, 7.x


===== 1.3.0 =====

  • Namespace added so that you can clear bookmarks for specific grid tables only

===== 1.2.2 =====

  • 2.4.6 compatibility check
  • Code cleanup
  • Improved $form and $userId check


  • Validation issue ( Cannot read properties of undefined (reading 'settings') ) on Save User action fixed.


  • ResetUiBookmarks Button added to System > Permissions > All Users > {User} > User Info so that bookmarks can be cleared for non-administrator users.


  • setup_version="" removed from module.xml


  • 2.4.x compatibility added
  • Cleanup various files to follow coding standard (EQP, ECG)
  • Remove framework requirement in composer.json


  • Choose between the options All Bookmarks, Saved Filters Only and Keep Saved Filters


  • Cleanup in resetuibookmarks.phtml


  • Magento 2.4.x compatibility added


  • Magento 2.3.1 compatibility added


  • Stable version